The NYPD must end the secrecy and obstructionism on street safety data.

From Streetsblog’s comments section this morning:

Mayor Bloomberg should be publicly challenged to create a public health strategy to sharply reduce deaths and injuries from motor vehicles. This means telling the police department to climb out of their bunker of secrecy and obstructionism. The Health Department and the DOT are already deeply engaged in efforts to change things. The police are not. Not only do they refuse to engage in a public discussion about this street safety, they impede overall efforts by refusing to share crash records they have compiled at public expense.

The basis of public health is gathering information about the spread of disease and carefully analyzing ways to prevent it. During his time as mayor, Bloomberg’s public health department has become the best in the United States. Interestingly, Bloomberg has given millions to global efforts fight traffic deaths. Yet, Mayor Bloomberg has not ordered the police department to release up-to-date records on traffic crashes, or to work in a public process with the health department, DOT and experts outside government, to come up with a unified and public approach to further reducing the achingly high number of deaths and injuries from motor vehicles.

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