Meet Aaron

Aaron Naparstek is a pioneering interactive media producer, journalist and leader of New York City’s livable streets movement.

As the founder of Streetsblog Aaron played an instrumental role in building a movement that is transforming New York and other world cities by reversing decades of car-oriented planning and policy in favor of sustainable streets that prioritize pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders.

As a neighborhood activist and community organizer, Naparstek’s advocacy has led to the development of new bike lanes, public plazas, car-free parks and safer streets in his own Brooklyn neighborhood and throughout the five boroughs.

Aaron got his start in transportation policy by writing haiku poetry about the endless horn-honking observed from his apartment window in Brooklyn. He taped the poems to lampposts and called them Honku. This seemingly quixotic personal anger management technique evolved into a surprisingly effective advocacy campaign that eventually compelled city officials to fix his neighborhood’s dysfunctional street.

Currently living in Cambridge, Massachusetts with his wife and two young sons Naparstek just completed a Loeb Fellowship at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and is now conducting research and developing new projects as a Visiting Scholar at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning.